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Join the initiative placing the spotlight on trade from RCEP members and beyond. We welcome corporations, commercial investors and entrepreneurs to invest in the world’s first and largest integrated trade city – a piece of real estate with a transnational scope.

Value Across The Board

Our cosmopolitan branding and positioning will build visitor traffic volume and demand for space, driving up your investment value. Expect further appreciation of your investment through diverse potential clientele from ASEAN and international brands, tourism opportunities and growing businesses.

Lucrative Trade And
Potential Markets

Reach vast, profitable markets and audiences with us. The RCEP/ASEAN+6 member nations are home to 3 billion people, responsible for a combined GDP of approximately USD 17 trillion and 40% of world trade.

The ASEAN nations themselves represent a large collective market with an annual trade value of USD2.31 trillion. Currently the 7th largest world economy, it is projected to grow into the 4th largest by 2050.


USD Trillion annually


Billion people


of world trade

Economic Statistics


Population 50.60 million

GDP US$ 1,378 bil

Exports US$ 573.00 bil

Imports US$ 525.56 bil


Population 126.96 million

GDP US$ 4,123.00 bil

Exports US$ 1,027.00 bil

Imports US$ 874.91 bil


Population 1,371 million

GDP US$ 11,008 bil

Exports US$ 2,282.00 bil

Imports US$ 1,682.00 bil


Population 4.60 million

GDP US$ 174.00 bil

Exports US$ 34 bil

Imports US$ 36 bil


Population 23.78 million

GDP US$ 1,339 bil

Exports US$ 188.00 bil

Imports US$ 200.00 bil


Population 1,311.00 million

GDP US$ 2,095.00 bil

Exports US$ 443.16 bil

Imports US$ 529.77 bil


Population 53.90 million

GDP US$ 62.60 bil

Growth 7.29%


Population 67.96 million

GDP US$ 395.17 bil

Growth rate 2.83%


Population 15.60 million

GDP US$ 18.05 bil

Growth rate 7.04%


Population 31.40 million

GDP US$ 296.28 bil

Growth rate 4.40%


Population 5.54 million

GDP US$ 292.74 bil

Growth rate 2.01%


Population 6.80 million

GDP US$ 12.37 bil

Growth rate 7.35%


Population 91.70 million

GDP US$ 193.60 bil

Growth rate 6.68%


Population 0.42 million

GDP US$ 12.9 bil

Growth rate 5.61%


Population 257.56 million

GDP US$ 861.93 bil

Growth rate 4.79%


Population 100.70 million

GDP US$ 292.00 bil

Growth rate 5.91%

Regional Growth

Leverage the potential of a growing economic power. ASEAN represents the 3rd largest labour force in the world after China and India, with a projected population increase from 633 million in 2015 to 717 million in 2030, then 741 million in 2035. Intra-ASEAN trade accounts for nearly 25% of total regional trade, and a young population ensures the region remains a competitive, high socioeconomic performer in the years to come.

nearly 25%

of total regional trade


performance & competitiveness


largest labour force in the world

Support For All Businesses

We aim to grow all manners of businesses with strong support systems in place, including: banks and finance services, logistics solutions, legal and statutory services and other business support services

We provide boosts for local SMEs through opportunities for accelerated growth, and mainstream media promotion to showcase your products on a global market. A further 50 thousand potential jobs will be created through facilities and business operations in RTC, increasing business turnover.

logistics solutions

banks and finance services

legal and statutory services

other business support services

Tourism Potential

Tourism in the area stands to create spin-off businesses within the state and the rest of Malaysia, boosting cash inflow and recognition. In 2015, Malaysia received 25.7 million tourists, who spent a total of MYR69.1 billion. We aim to attract 10% of the above number within the first year of operations alone.

Our goal is to eventually serve 10 million tourists a year, drawing them with top-class attractions and services including cultural parks, hotels and medical services.

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